City Year: Make Better Happen

According to City Year’s results across America, in City Year schools there are 757,000 additional learning hours for students. With 2,800 AmeriCorps members in the 2014-2015 school year, City Year helps to provide at risk students in high-poverty communities extra attention helping to increase graduation rates throughout the country and giving students a further chance at a successful college and/or career path.


While City Year is mainly funded through fundraisers, school districts and government support, the City Year initiative survives because of young adults who are passionate about social justice, education, equality, and advancing leadership skills. Young adults willing to spend eleven months working full-time in one of 26 locations across the country. Young adults who are willing to enter high-poverty communities to help support at risk students with academics, emotional and social support and skills needed post high school graduation for a promising future.

AmeriCorps members provide students who, without this extra help in their school districts, would be left behind. With Dallas as the newest of the 26 cities participating in the program and Boston as the origin, City Year reaches two thirds of students in each individual city.

As a corps member, participants are given a living stipend and health insurance as well as the opportunity for higher education scholarships and educational funding once the eleven months are complete. There are also great advancement opportunities within City Year itself. Individuals who have gone through the program have continued to fields including non-profits, medicine, education, business, law, marketing/PR, social work, government, finance/banking and numerous other fields. Making a difference in the world does not end with the experience at City Year.

City Year provides young adults between the ages of 17-24 years of age an opportunity to not only give back to communities across the United States, but a year to grow as an individual. During the eleven months in City Year, individuals have the opportunity to work with other team members on a daily basis, developing leadership and time management skills. The program allows corps members to “give a year, change the world.”

With just under 10,000 applicants, City Year has four application deadlines each year for the 2,800 open positions: September 30th, November 15th, February 15th, and the last application deadline to be a 2015 corps member is April 30th.

To learn more about City Year and ways to become corps member visit



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